NEWPORT BEACH, CA. (April 26, 2022)KBS, one of the largest investors in commercial real estate, announces that the firm has strengthened its focus on environmental, social and governance by establishing a dedicated Green Team and appointing a new ESG manager. Apaulo Malloy, will direct KBS’ ESG efforts as a proactive strategy to drive the firm toward a sustainable future.

Malloy, who has been with the company for more than four years, will work to identify and track key performance indicators for the company’s ESG goals. This work will help to guide these initiatives as part of the company’s overall mission to better serve its tenants and partners.

“The position of ESG manager reflects our company’s commitment to acquiring and operating assets that contribute to a better social environment,” says Marc DeLuca, CEO and Eastern regional president of KBS. “Apaulo’s extensive background in human resources and company operations make her the ideal individual to take on this new role within KBS.”

KBS has been consistently researching and finding new ways to implement ESG strategies at properties in its portfolio, including LEED certifications, filtered air verifications, adding bee apiaries and more. These programs are aimed at reducing the number of emissions KBS’ buildings produce and help cut down on overall energy consumption, while addressing tenants’ needs and expectations for their workspaces, according to DeLuca.

The company recently announced that it has successfully completed the verification of more than 14 million square feet of Class A office space in its client portfolio to achieve the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air. This verification is one of the many ways the firm shows its determination to offer tenants and visitors a top tier working environment while being mindful of the planet’s wellbeing.

Malloy joined the firm as part of the human resource department in 2017. As part of her previous responsibilities, Malloy researched and helped implement strategic company policies, including security, facility, and operational practices.

“The newly appointed Green Team and I are eager to help implement additional ESG programs at all properties within KBS’ portfolio,” says Malloy. “As technology continues to evolve, methods are increasingly emerging for landlords to provide a productive and appealing working environment for tenants while reducing their buildings’ overall carbon footprint. With businesses utilizing office space to entice their teams back to the workplace, it is becoming crucial for them to choose highly amenitized buildings that also make health and wellness a top priority.”

DeLuca notes that office occupancy rates are predicted to increase as companies choose workspaces that offer attractive amenities, such as state-of-the-art conference spaces, EV charging stations, and security features, among others. A recent study showed that in-person collaboration fosters stronger relationships amongst employees and mentors. Workers can additionally benefit from one-on-one interactions with supervisors and managers, which can result in immediate feedback and support on tasks – something that remote employees can often miss out on working from home

“As KBS steps into its fourth decade, we look forward to the contributions Apaulo and her team will have on our properties and company culture,” adds DeLuca. “This appointment aligns well with the firm’s commitment as a national owner/operator to provide high-quality office environments to which tenants in the market are drawn.”

For more information on some of KBS’ ESG initiatives, please visit the company’s page here.