KBS is dedicated to providing its tenants with healthy indoor work environments.

Working with UL, we are proud to announce that KBS has recently committed to the verification of over 14 million square feet of Class A office space in its client portfolio to achieve UL Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air quality.

Working towards this achievement is a critical milestone in our commitment to deliver indoor workspaces with excellent indoor air quality that supports tenant health and well-being.

As a part of this program we will:

Demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellness of our tenants, their customers and visitors.

Undergo an annual review to confirm we maintain and advance indoor air quality.

Continue to advance our plans and policies to improve indoor air quality in the future.

Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air

  • We rigorously assess Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and confirm plans to improve and maintain optimized IAQ


  • HVAC system and air quality tests verify proper air filtration and ventilation, resulting in reduced volatile compounds

Expert approved benchmarks

All thresholds are aligned with industry recognized third party organizations such as the EPA, NIOSH, WHO, CDC, ASHRAE, and IESNA.

Testing methodology

The methodology for designating sampling points are representative of typical operations and designed to align with other building standards such as LEED, WELL, and Fitwel.

KBS & Maptician

Going Back to Work in the Next Normal

Helping your team get back to work with high level response.

We give our tenants visual clarity and the ability to customize their return options

We recently partnered with Maptician, a cloud-based workplace-management platform that helps companies reconfigure office and community spaces in a way that facilitates an organized and safety-conscious return-to-office.

Prioritizing your Safety in the Workplace


Increased air flow, managed humidity and upgraded MERV-rated filters capture airborne pollutants, viruses, bacteria and more.


Monitored building occupancy, stairwell access and key card implementation control foot traffic throughout the building. 


Trained staff and service partners provide routinely scheduled CDC- and WHO-approved cleaning methods in high touch point areas throughout the building.

Social Distancing and Communication

COVID-19 signage, required face masks and restricted use of conference rooms, training centers and tenant lounges limit the potential for spreading the virus.


Get back to the office safely with Maptician

Maptician Flex offers features designed to help organizations reopen their locations safely, and to operate them efficiently in a Post-COVID-19 environment.

Social Distancing Analysis

Interactive social distancing tools provide instant visualizations and highlight social distancing proximity risks.

Staggered Work Schedules

Flex scheduling allows groups of employees to have alternating day or week schedules, reducing office density. Flex also allows for staggered arrival/departure times.

Proximity Contact Tracing

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, automatically identify individuals who had been in close proximity to this person.

How Maptician Works


Add Floor Plan

Initial floorplans can be uploaded from compatible CAD files or created entirely new through Maptician’s web-based map editor.


Add Occupants

Manage your employee list and drag and drop occupants into available seats.



Monitor and manage easily see when an office’s capacity is reaching its limits.