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  • Institutional Real Estate Investment Management
  • Real Estate Acquisitions and Asset Management
  • Institutional and Private Market Funds
  • Leasing and Property Management
  • In-house Market Research
  • Real Estate Development
  • Joint-Venture Partnerships
  • Custom Portfolio Structuring
  • Direct Investment Portfolio Development
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Industry leaders Peter M. Bren and Charles J. Schreiber, Jr. formed KBS Realty Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser[1], in 1992, which established the basis for today’s family of KBS-affiliated real estate companies. KBS is one of the nation's largest buyers of commercial real estate and has completed transactions exceeding $39 billion. In 2018 National Real Estate Investor ranked KBS the 8th largest office owner globally.[2]

KBS-affiliated entities have invested in and managed commercial real estate assets on behalf of clients that include large institutions, such as public and private pension plans, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds and seven public non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs). In late 2017, KBS launched KBSDirect.com, providing investors direct access to institutional quality commercial real estate via a KBS-sponsored Real Estate Investment Trust.

KBS’ headquarters are in Newport Beach, CA, with other offices in New York and Washington DC. KBS is structured with two regional presidents and their respective teams of asset managers and analysts, backed up by financial and administrative teams totaling over 180 people. Assets under management by KBS-affiliated companies exceed $11.6 Billion as of June 30, 2019.

[1] Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training.
[2] The ranking by National Real Estate Investor is based on volume of office space owned globally, as of December 31, 2017. The results were generated from a survey conducted by National Real Estate Investor based on a combination of advertising and website promotion of the survey, direct solicitation of responses from participants, direct email to National Real Estate Investor subscribers and other identified office owners and daily newsletter promotion of the survey, all supplemented with a review of public company SEC filings.


$39.33 Billion*


KBS Realty Advisors and its affiliate KBS Capital Advisors represent a team of true real estate professionals who live and breathe real estate and are excited about operating real estate investments to maximize their full potential.



Founded by Peter Bren and Charles J. Schreiber Jr. in 1992, KBS Realty Advisors invests in, manages, develops and sells high-quality U.S. commercial real estate on behalf of pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors.


Formed in 2004, KBS Capital Advisors is the exclusive advisor for KBS’ publicly registered non-traded REITs, which are designed to give individual investors the ability to invest in a similar type of real estate as KBS pension fund and institutional partners. KBS Capital Advisors is led by partners Peter Bren and Charles Schreiber Jr.


Formed in 2005, KBS Capital Markets Group is the capital-raising platform for KBS' publicly registered non-traded REITs. KBS Capital Markets Group is the distribution team that connects advisors and clients to KBS REIT investment products.


5.6 Million Square Feet*


Total Number of Tenants*

$11.61 Billion*

Current Value* of KBS Investments

36.2 Million*

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