222 Main

KBS Location Icon 222 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Property Overview

222 Main is a 21-story Class A office tower located within the heart of Salt Lake City’s central business district. The building was completed in 2009 and provides unobstructed views of the Wasatch Mountain Range and downtown Salt Lake City. Designed by renowned architect Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the building is LEED Gold Core & Shell certified.

222 Main contains 426,657 square feet of rentable office and retail space and is accompanied by a nine-story parking structure. The office tower includes first-class finishes and floor-to-ceiling glass throughout in addition to efficient 22,000-square-foot floor plates and over 9,000 square feet of ground floor restaurants and retail amenities. Just two blocks from 222 Main is the $2 billion City Creek Center, a mixed-used development that offers numerous first-class amenities.

222 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT
KBS Square Footage Icon 426,657 square feet Total Rentable Area
Office Icon Class A Building Class


  • 222 Main offers 24/7 Grocery Store Nearby as an amenity. 24/7 Grocery Store Nearby
  • 222 Main offers 24/7 Security as an amenity. 24/7 Security
  • 222 Main offers After Hours Key Card Access as an amenity. After Hours Key Card Access
  • 222 Main offers Airport Nearby as an amenity. Airport Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Banking Nearby as an amenity. Banking Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Bike Storage as an amenity. Bike Storage
  • 222 Main offers Café / Deli as an amenity. Café / Deli
  • 222 Main offers Coffee Shop as an amenity. Coffee Shop
  • 222 Main offers Commuter Train Nearby as an amenity. Commuter Train Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Courtesy Officer as an amenity. Courtesy Officer
  • 222 Main offers Covered Parking as an amenity. Covered Parking
  • 222 Main offers Dining / Shopping Nearby as an amenity. Dining / Shopping Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Dry Cleaning Service as an amenity. Dry Cleaning Service
  • 222 Main offers Efficient Column Spacing as an amenity. Efficient Column Spacing
  • 222 Main offers Energy Management System as an amenity. Energy Management System
  • 222 Main offers Entertainment Nearby as an amenity. Entertainment Nearby
  • 222 Main offers EV Car Charging Stations as an amenity. EV Car Charging Stations
  • 222 Main offers Executive Housing Nearby as an amenity. Executive Housing Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Fiber Optics as an amenity. Fiber Optics
  • 222 Main offers Fitness Center Nearby as an amenity. Fitness Center Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Food Catering as an amenity. Food Catering
  • 222 Main offers Freight Elevators as an amenity. Freight Elevators
  • 222 Main offers High-Speed Internet as an amenity. High-Speed Internet
  • 222 Main offers Hospital / Medical Center Nearby as an amenity. Hospital / Medical Center Nearby
  • In-Place Fiber Optics
  • 222 Main offers Key Card Access as an amenity. Key Card Access
  • 222 Main offers Light Rail Nearby as an amenity. Light Rail Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Loading Docks as an amenity. Loading Docks
  • 222 Main offers Locker Rooms with Showers as an amenity. Locker Rooms with Showers
  • 222 Main offers Lodging Nearby as an amenity. Lodging Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Mail Room as an amenity. Mail Room
  • 222 Main offers On-Site Management Office as an amenity. On-Site Management Office
  • 222 Main offers On-Site Restaurant as an amenity. On-Site Restaurant
  • 222 Main offers On-Site Storage as an amenity. On-Site Storage
  • 222 Main offers Park Nearby as an amenity. Park Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Parking Garage as an amenity. Parking Garage
  • 222 Main offers Private Lockers as an amenity. Private Lockers
  • 222 Main offers Public Transportation Nearby as an amenity. Public Transportation Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Reserved Parking as an amenity. Reserved Parking
  • 222 Main offers Restaurant / Dining Nearby as an amenity. Restaurant / Dining Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Security Guards as an amenity. Security Guards
  • 222 Main offers Security System as an amenity. Security System
  • 222 Main offers Shopping Nearby as an amenity. Shopping Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Ski Resort Nearby as an amenity. Ski Resort Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Transit Nearby as an amenity. Transit Nearby
  • 222 Main offers U.S. Postal Service as an amenity. U.S. Postal Service
  • 222 Main offers Walk-In Showers as an amenity. Walk-In Showers
  • 222 Main offers Walking Trails Nearby as an amenity. Walking Trails Nearby
  • 222 Main offers Wi-Fi Service as an amenity. Wi-Fi Service


  • CCIM Business Excellence Award
  • energy-star
  • LEED Gold

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