A Tenant-Centered Mindset

KBS is a highly respected landlord serving thousands of tenants nationwide.  KBS believes in raising the standard in tenant experience and is very sensitive to the challenges that companies face and how KBS, as the owner of their building, can help them to meet those challenges with an improved business address.


KBS employs an active, hands-on management philosophy that involves closely interacting with virtually every property KBS acquires and working to meet the needs of tenants in those properties. Here are just a few words of praise from some of KBS’ valued tenants.

Thank you for your outstanding service and prompt response for all our business needs at the Maitland Promenade II building in Maitland, Florida. This location provide easy access for our agents and clients. Your on-site management team handles our requests professionally and goes out of the way to help whenever possible.

Verizon houses our crown jewel, the Verizon Innovation Center at 201 Spear in San Francisco. Since KBS purchased this property, we have seen some great improvements — specifically, the lobby renovation, the automation tool, the security updates, and the bicycle rack and shower additions. The updated interior of the lobby looks fabulous, and it gives the space an air of sophistication it lacked before.

We wanted to thank KBS and the onsite management team for such extraordinary professionalism for our new space at Fountainhead Tower in San Antonio. From lease execution to delivery, it took your team no longer than two months to provide spaces that have already entertained clients from different sectors of our nation’s critical infrastructure.