San Aleso

KBS Location Icon 370 San Aleso Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Property Overview

Located in the Prestigious Peery Park area of Sunnyvale and a short distance to Downtown Sunnyvale and a Caltrain station, San Aleso is a 53,150-square-foot freestanding Class A R&D building completed in the year 2000.  The property is a logical alternative for tenants looking to stay on the peninsula.  The building features a great entry with a floating stairway to the second floor, an amenities area and a substantial glass line.  To assist commuters on Caltrain, the building also features bike lockers.

370 San Aleso Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA
KBS Square Footage Icon 53,150 square feet Total Rentable Area
Office/R&D Icon Office/R&D Property Type


  • San Aleso offers Above-Market Parking Ratio as an amenity. Above-Market Parking Ratio
  • San Aleso offers Bike Storage as an amenity. Bike Storage
  • San Aleso offers Dining / Shopping Nearby as an amenity. Dining / Shopping Nearby
  • San Aleso offers Executive Housing Nearby as an amenity. Executive Housing Nearby
  • San Aleso offers Fiber Optics as an amenity. Fiber Optics
  • San Aleso offers Freeway Access as an amenity. Freeway Access
  • San Aleso offers Golf Course Nearby as an amenity. Golf Course Nearby
  • San Aleso offers Lodging Nearby as an amenity. Lodging Nearby
  • San Aleso offers Park Nearby as an amenity. Park Nearby
  • San Aleso offers Transit Nearby as an amenity. Transit Nearby


  • California Landscape Contractors Award
  • KBS_Tweaks Candidate 1

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