Peakview Tower

KBS Location Icon 6465 South Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Centennial, CO 80111

Property Overview

Peakview Tower is a modern 10-story Class A office building located on a 6.5-acre site in the Greenwood Village submarket of southeast suburban Denver. The property is located at the northwest corner of Greenwood Plaza Boulevard and East Peakview Avenue adjacent to the Comfort Dental Amphitheater (a focal point of the Greenwood Village submarket) and just one block west of Interstate 25 and the Arapahoe light rail station. The property’s location enjoys excellent access to both mid-level housing (south and southeast) as well as executive housing to the west in Cherry Hills. South Yosemite Boulevard provides convenient and direct access to the heart of the Denver Technological Center providing the property with immediate access to several restaurants, hotels and shopping centers. Parking for the building is provided at a ratio of 4.0 spaces per 1,000 rentable square feet through the combination of a 790-stall, three-story adjacent structure plus 256 surface spaces.

The property and its location are attractive to a wide range of professional users. Exceptional access from I-25 via East Arapahoe Road, along with its close proximity to light rail, makes this location one of the most desirable along Denver’s southern I-25 corridor. Additionally, Peakview Tower enjoys superior access to an abundance of executive housing, over 4,000 multifamily units and Denver’s premier executive neighborhoods of Greenwood Village and Cherry Hills, all within a 3-mile radius. The property is also within 15 minutes of Denver’s CBD and 30 minutes from Denver International Airport.

6465 South Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Centennial, CO
KBS Square Footage Icon 264,149 square feet Total Rentable Area
Office Icon Class A Building Class


  • Peakview Tower offers 24/7 Grocery Store Nearby as an amenity. 24/7 Grocery Store Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers After Hours Key Card Access as an amenity. After Hours Key Card Access
  • Peakview Tower offers ATM as an amenity. ATM
  • Peakview Tower offers Banking Nearby as an amenity. Banking Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Bike Storage as an amenity. Bike Storage
  • Peakview Tower offers Café / Deli as an amenity. Café / Deli
  • Peakview Tower offers Coffee Bar as an amenity. Coffee Bar
  • Peakview Tower offers Coffee Shop as an amenity. Coffee Shop
  • Peakview Tower offers Commuter Train Nearby as an amenity. Commuter Train Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Conference Center as an amenity. Conference Center
  • Peakview Tower offers Courtesy Officer as an amenity. Courtesy Officer
  • Peakview Tower offers Covered Parking as an amenity. Covered Parking
  • Peakview Tower offers Day Care Center Nearby as an amenity. Day Care Center Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Dining / Shopping Nearby as an amenity. Dining / Shopping Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Dog Park Nearby as an amenity. Dog Park Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Dry Cleaning Service as an amenity. Dry Cleaning Service
  • Peakview Tower offers Efficient Column Spacing as an amenity. Efficient Column Spacing
  • Peakview Tower offers Energy Management System as an amenity. Energy Management System
  • Peakview Tower offers Entertainment Nearby as an amenity. Entertainment Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Event Facilities as an amenity. Event Facilities
  • Peakview Tower offers Executive Housing Nearby as an amenity. Executive Housing Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Express Shipping Service as an amenity. Express Shipping Service
  • Peakview Tower offers Fiber Optics as an amenity. Fiber Optics
  • Peakview Tower offers Filtered Water Station as an amenity. Filtered Water Station
  • Peakview Tower offers Fitness Classes as an amenity. Fitness Classes
  • Peakview Tower offers Food Trucks as an amenity. Food Trucks
  • Peakview Tower offers Freeway Access as an amenity. Freeway Access
  • Peakview Tower offers Freight Elevators as an amenity. Freight Elevators
  • Peakview Tower offers Golf Course Nearby as an amenity. Golf Course Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers High-Speed Internet as an amenity. High-Speed Internet
  • Peakview Tower offers Hospital / Medical Center Nearby as an amenity. Hospital / Medical Center Nearby
  • In-Place Fiber Optics
  • Peakview Tower offers Key Card Access as an amenity. Key Card Access
  • Peakview Tower offers Light Rail Nearby as an amenity. Light Rail Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Loading Docks as an amenity. Loading Docks
  • Peakview Tower offers Locker Rooms with Showers as an amenity. Locker Rooms with Showers
  • Peakview Tower offers Lodging Nearby as an amenity. Lodging Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Massage Therapy as an amenity. Massage Therapy
  • Peakview Tower offers On-Site Fitness Center as an amenity. On-Site Fitness Center
  • Peakview Tower offers On-Site Management Office as an amenity. On-Site Management Office
  • Peakview Tower offers On-Site Restaurant as an amenity. On-Site Restaurant
  • Peakview Tower offers On-Site Shoe Repair / Shine as an amenity. On-Site Shoe Repair / Shine
  • Peakview Tower offers On-Site Storage as an amenity. On-Site Storage
  • Peakview Tower offers Park Nearby as an amenity. Park Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Parking Garage as an amenity. Parking Garage
  • Peakview Tower offers Public Transportation Nearby as an amenity. Public Transportation Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Reserved Parking as an amenity. Reserved Parking
  • Peakview Tower offers Restaurant / Dining Nearby as an amenity. Restaurant / Dining Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Security Guards as an amenity. Security Guards
  • Peakview Tower offers Shopping Nearby as an amenity. Shopping Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Transit Drop-Off / Pickup at Building as an amenity. Transit Drop-Off / Pickup at Building
  • Peakview Tower offers Transit Nearby as an amenity. Transit Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers U.S. Postal Service as an amenity. U.S. Postal Service
  • Peakview Tower offers Walk-In Showers as an amenity. Walk-In Showers
  • Peakview Tower offers Walking Trails Nearby as an amenity. Walking Trails Nearby
  • Peakview Tower offers Wi-Fi Service as an amenity. Wi-Fi Service
  • Peakview Tower offers Wine Tasting Nearby as an amenity. Wine Tasting Nearby


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  • National Conference Room
  • LEED Silver
  • Service Champion

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