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Amenities Renters Want

by W. Dean Henry, CEO Legacy Partners

When 37% of households in the U.S. are renters and they represent 43.7 million rental customers, developer and management companies want to know, what do today’s renters want? The answer seems to be a well-designed and managed community that combines an exceptional customer service experience found in the hospitality industry with the designer appointments of … Read More

Making Your Business a Cause

Ken Robertson

Whether a sole operator or a company, turning your business into a cause brings a purpose to work that goes beyond building a greater profitability, pleasing stakeholders or improving business net-worth. It transcends these (albeit critical) necessities creating an emotional ROI that can’t be experienced by any other means. And in business today, emotional ROI … Read More

Relevant vs Different

David Jenkins

Being different used to be the big thing. Different can be good…relevant is far better Back in the day, quality control was somewhat archaic and unpredictable depending on the location of manufacture and the product being produced. You truly had to worry whether the little red fire truck had lead paint in it, be concerned … Read More

Multiplying the Value of Multifamily Housing

Marc DeLuca

It used to be single family homes were king. Having a house was the true measure of success and a symbol of familial happiness. While many still cherish the image of a larger home with a white picket fence, two key demographics—empty nesters and millennials—are thinking smaller, hipper and more convenient. Which means good-bye (or … Read More

How technology is disrupting CRE,
in a good way

JLL Boston

Technology is disrupting commercial real estate, in a good way, and it cannot be ignored. From virtual reality, to drones, and everything in between, technology is making it better, easier, and just cooler to view existing, under construction, and even yet-to-be-built commercial spaces. Imagine being able to stand on the site of your future office … Read More

Hiring to strengthen company culture

David Zamudio

You don’t just hire people to do a job, you hire them to strengthen a culture.   Hiring great talent these days is a daunting task. Interviewees on their best behavior, equipped with their arsenal of stock phraseology, canned responses, even contrived body language. By the end of most interviews, the chance of actually knowing … Read More

From rundown to revamped:
U.S. fringe markets hit their prime

by JLL Staff Reporter

From rundown to revamped: U.S. fringe markets hit their prime   Whether it’s the job opportunities, the cultural scene or the convenience of having amenities on your doorstep, urban living is becoming an increasingly popular option. As more people in the U.S. follow the country-to-city shift, it’s reshaping and refreshing the urban environment in a … Read More


By Dean Del Sesto

With up to bats so difficult to get, why risk a swing and a miss. In today’s sales climate, getting through to a potential prospect on the phone is similar to getting a real voice on the phone when calling a government agency. Good luck, please hold, and press 3 for another recording and eternal … Read More

How the Early Bird Caught the Worm

An interview with Ken Robertson

How The Early Bird Caught The Worm: KBS Captures The New Downtowns Before The Millennials Go Marching In “When I was 20 years old, I would have gotten into my car and driven two hours in traffic for the right job,” says Ken Robertson. “This [Millennial] generation is smarter than that. Young people recognize that … Read More

A New Spin on Office Food Service

by Brett Merz

A New Spin on Office Food Service Time is one of the most precious commodities—everyone wants it, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it. Enter: micro markets. Micro markets–so-called “self-serve convenience stores”–are a fast growing segment of the retail and food service industries. According Vending How, “mini retail is a 7 billion … Read More