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KBS’ Chuck Schreiber on Managing Risk

Connect Media sat down with KBS CEO Chuck Schreiber to gather insights on the market, managing risk and real estate investment. Schreiber had a great deal to say, and therefore we’re presenting the conversation in two parts. An edited transcript of the discussion follows below. Q: There are a number of headlines today suggesting that … Read More

Offices Eye TAMIs For Opportunities

Brett Merz

TAMI—Technology, Advertising, Media, and Information businesses—represent a very powerful tenant group within the commercial real estate space, one that is reshaping workplace expectations. Considered the leaders of today’s modern and innovative office, the sheer size and growth momentum of this group is what makes them a high tenant priority. According to Nelson, TAMI companies are … Read More

Spec Suites and Vanilla Ice Cream

Spec Suites and Vanilla Ice Cream   “Would you like to see one of our spec suites?” For employers seeking the perfect office space for a growing business, that question doesn’t exactly set off fireworks. What is a spec suite? For most, it’s a generic term for a generic space—fresh and ready to move in … Read More

Growing Office Returns in Growing Cities

Chuck Schreiber

Providing stable, long-term returns for investors depends on a number of factors, two being investing in growth markets and controlling costs. If rents are rising because the market is thriving, and if costs are lower than similar investments, the asset has potential to perform at or above expectations. But what makes a growth market? And … Read More

Increasingly, There’s No Substitute
For The Experiential Workplace

Marc DeLuca

We learn by doing, and the technical term for this is experience. This happens when we engage in interaction, participation and analysis. We’ve all been hearing lately how Millennials prefer experience to old-fashioned conspicuous consumption. For them, a mall with a climbing wall would matter more to them than walking away with a new pair of … Read More

KBS Sees Growth in Value
Across its Real Estate Portfolios

KBS, one of the largest commercial office owners globally, announced today the net asset value of its portfolio increased 6.15% in 2018. KBS’ real estate portfolio consists of 118 properties located in prime urban markets throughout the United States valued in excess of $11 billion as of December 31, 2018. The assets are held through five … Read More

Should You Invest in
Opportunity Zones?

Mimi Nguyen

Looking for your next investment opportunity? You may have to first get into the zone. Opportunity Zones have been created for investors to defer capital gains for a period of time while pouring much needed investment into economically deprived areas. The end goal is that everybody wins. Investors can sell any property or security and … Read More

Attracting a New Generation of Talent

Kathryn Mujezinovic

Three Surefire Strategies for Attracting a New Generation of Talent   Bright. Entitled. Adaptive. Restless. Tech-obsessed. However you choose to describe the newest generation of talent, one thing is certain: These young professionals are transforming the modern business landscape in more ways than one. Many entering the workforce today bring with them big ideas, youthful enthusiasm … Read More

Top 10 Markets Still Holding Strong

With 2018 coming to an end, all eyes are now on how the end of the year will close out and which markets will hold the greatest potential in 2019. Earlier this year, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Urban Land Institute released the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report, which analyzes leading North American markets, including … Read More

The Tech Effect

Carol Shumway

The tech effect is hitting the commercial real estate (CRE) industry—and hitting it hard. Over the past couple of years, demand and implementation of new technology has been at a fever pitch, reinventing how professionals interact with real estate. From how a lease deal is transacted to managing building systems, every tenant, investor, broker, owner/operator, … Read More