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What is a Healthy Workplace—
and What’s the Real Value Behind It?

by Dara Holland

Everyone loves being where they feel appreciated. If there were a way to bottle positive energy on the job—a program that encourages employees to react to their environment with “I love this place!”—wouldn’t it follow that they’d show up regularly and deliver their best work? As companies realize that “corporate wellness” has more to do … Read More


Marc DeLuca

KBS is perhaps one of the most revered real estate investors today. Since its inception in 1992, KBS-affiliated companies have completed transactional activity in excess of $33 billion, amassing a current portfolio of 42 million square feet spanning 1,620 properties in many of the top investment markets in the U.S. Capitalizing on its market knowledge, … Read More

Taking Care of Clients

by Shannon Hill

IF YOU DON’T TAKE EXEMPLARY CARE OF YOUR CLIENTS, SOMEONE ELSE WILL Great businesses make sure what is promised from the inside is delivered on the outside.   One of the overlooked opportunities that exist in the marketing mix is exemplary client care. The worth of a company, the momentum of its growth and the stability … Read More

Capitalizing on Amenities

by Ryan McManigal

Any savvy office building owner knows that a well-amenitized property has the potential to be a leasing homerun, because simply said: tenants want amenities. They want all the bells and whistles that come with a corporate environment. Prospective tenants look for amenity packages that create a unique work environment that is convenient, motivating and supports … Read More

Drones and Commercial Real Estate

There’s Something in the Air . . . What Does It Mean for CRE? Drones seem to be everywhere these days. Whether in the news or hovering over your neighbor’s yard, these flying robots—often used as remote-controlled cameras and couriers—have been growing in popularity as technology has advanced and prices have dropped. From aerial footage … Read More

Workplace wellness: the next shift

by Farshad Razmdjoo and Ted Bowie

Workplace wellness programs have been around for decades and typically include tangible offerings that directly improve physical health, such as ergonomic enhancements, incentivized workout programs, and providing healthy food options in the workplace. More recently, however, there has been a shift in wellness programs to focus more on intangible offerings. Studies have shown that employee … Read More

Furnishings Matter

At 21-stories tall and 300,000 square feet —  with unparalleled views of downtown Dallas, 3811 Turtle Creek, the newly renovated office tower gleams with brightly updated interiors. There is a new tenant lounge, complete with a gridded wood ceiling and silver-tile mosaic bar, a sprawling outdoor patio and polished common areas bathed in white. All … Read More

Old-World Charm To An Up-To-Date City

by Brett Merz

Park Place Brings Old-World Charm To An Up-To-Date City   Overheard at Park Place: “This is a hand holding kind of place.” Yep, love is definitely in the air: a suburban mixed-use property that combines the European urban node model with the Middle-American modernity of Kansas City. KBS acquired Park Place for its KBS REIT … Read More

Capitalizing on Energy Efficiencies

by Kim Smith

I recently read an article in Commercial Property Executive on energy use, and the article stated that property owners can typically cut energy expenditures by 2 to 10% annually through improved management. It reminded me how critically important energy use is and how simple changes can have a profound, long-term impact for property owners. According … Read More

Historic Rehab

by Clint Copulos

Historic Rehab Most Sought-After In Real Estate Urban cities are first in pecking order for most real estate investors for good reason: DEMAND. First, much of America’s business activity is centered around these areas. Think locales like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and San Francisco with large concentrations of corporations fueling the economic engine. … Read More