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Automation’s Impact on CRE

Ken Robertson

The 21st Century Technology Revolution has had a profound global impact—touching nearly every aspect of our lives. Machine intelligence is disrupting the marketplace and rendering traditional businesses irrelevant. Netflix vs. Blockbuster. Instagram vs. Kodak. Uber vs. taxi services. The list goes on. Machine intelligence is helping companies streamline operations, improve communication, and support business functions … Read More

KBS Transacts $1 Billion Loan For REIT III

An interview with Rob Durand

KBS’ largest financing transaction in its history — for its REIT III — is signed, sealed, and delivered. Rob Durand, EVP of finance, attributes the financing team’s success to the building of great relationships with the largest lenders in the country. “It’s been a pretty exciting process,” he says. “We’ve been putting this together since … Read More

Why “Off the Beaten Track” Is
Now The Yellow Brick Road

An interview with Marc DeLuca

Non-gateway downtowns are the new golden ticket We’re at the point in the investment cycle where heads are turning toward non-gateway cities, says KBS eastern region president Marc DeLuca. The reason: record pricing in traditional gateway cities, driven mostly by foreign investors who are fleeing a deflationary environment in their home countries and turning to … Read More

Turtle Creek Scores Big with Tenants

Each year, KBS engages Kingsley Associates to perform an independent survey benchmarking tenant satisfaction in our buildings.  We think of it as a reality check, telling us how we’re doing as a landlord, and how our property management professionals are meeting the needs of our customers. Property managers are ranked in multiple categories, the sum … Read More

Young Talent Driving CRE Trends

Brent Carroll

The commercial real estate industry has seen many different trends—trading in big box stores for savvy boutiques; shutting the doors of brick-and-mortars and plunging into the e-commerce world; and not to mention, the explosion of 24/7 micro markets popping up across the country. These trends are driven primarily by demographic behavior. And in the current … Read More

Remote Technology
Makes Waves in the Office Space

Ken Robertson

Cushman & Wakefield’s Che Kit Ho recently posted a fascinating article about Singapore’s Smart Nation program—a high-tech initiative that will employ better technology and smarter apps and data aimed to improve day-to-day city life.  Think self-driving vehicles, assistive technologies and robotics, and even digital public service. Driving this initiative is an incredibly sophisticated data-rich map, … Read More

Technology at the Helm

Mimi Nguyen

Technology is improving information algorithms and changing the way we do business. The commercial real estate sector is hot with activity — closing nearly $490 billion in transactions in 2016 alone, according to Real Capital Analytics. But from where we sit, there are many benefits to new technology infiltrating lending/due diligence processes, but there are … Read More

Amenities Renters Want

by W. Dean Henry, CEO Legacy Partners

When 37% of households in the U.S. are renters and they represent 43.7 million rental customers, developer and management companies want to know, what do today’s renters want? The answer seems to be a well-designed and managed community that combines an exceptional customer service experience found in the hospitality industry with the designer appointments of … Read More

Making Your Business a Cause

Ken Robertson

Whether a sole operator or a company, turning your business into a cause brings a purpose to work that goes beyond building a greater profitability, pleasing stakeholders or improving business net-worth. It transcends these (albeit critical) necessities creating an emotional ROI that can’t be experienced by any other means. And in business today, emotional ROI … Read More

Relevant vs Different

David Jenkins

Being different used to be the big thing. Different can be good…relevant is far better Back in the day, quality control was somewhat archaic and unpredictable depending on the location of manufacture and the product being produced. You truly had to worry whether the little red fire truck had lead paint in it, be concerned … Read More