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The Office Design of the Future Is Here Now

David Jenkins

What’s driving modern office design? It’s generational. Millennials are sharing space with Baby Boomers and even entry-level Generation Z. Boomers are increasingly retiring; the younger workforce rejects the soul-crushing offices of the Mad Men era. The drive is also self-serving: companies are looking to appeal to young workers — and retain them. The idea is … Read More

Edge Computing:
Cutting Edge for Commercial Real Estate

Shannon Hill

Everybody loves a good shortcut; edge computing is going to shorten data’s journey from A to C, bypassing B. The demand for bandwidth and connectivity is growing every day, and existing data networks are becoming increasingly stressed and overworked. Edge computing technology is going to lighten the network load and also pave a new way … Read More

Secondary Markets Are Now Front and Center

Ken Robertson

Not everybody can live in New York and Los Angeles. The Millennials — and the action — are gravitating toward secondary markets, and taking their skills (and college debt and foosball tables) with them. What makes a market primary (gateway) or secondary (non-gateway)? Two factors: demographics and job growth. Of course, that impacts housing and … Read More

Property Management:
What Customers Want

Mark Brecheen

Property management is more than just overseeing a building. It is about relationships and creating a unique professional experience with “customers”—not tenants. We live in a world of instant gratification and the expectation for property management is no different.  In an effort to accommodate that level of expectation, customer service platforms are now based on … Read More

From Bike Factory to Dream Factory

Ron Sklar

Chicago’s 213 West Institute Completes the Loft-Office Wishlist   Forget brick-and-mortar — how about brick-and-timber?  Chicago’s hot River North submarket can barely keep up with the insatiable demand for its brick-and-timber vintage office space, a Shangri-La for millennials, startups and tech/creative firms.  Although the product supply itself remains fixed and the vacancy levels remain low … Read More


by Dara Holland

KBS Catches the Fever by Inhabiting History and Facilitating a Tech-y New High Portlandia was a thing long before the TV show that lampoons its quirky residents. Also known as The City of Roses, Little Beirut, Bridgetown, Beervana and more, Portland is much more than a cool coastal halfway point between San Francisco and Seattle. … Read More

KBS Brings New Direct Investment
Option to Market

Chuck Schreiber

There are many ways to invest. Direct investment in commercial real estate has historically delivered higher returns compared to other fixed-income investment alternatives, and is a fan favorite among investors seeking diversification and stability, according to Wells Fargo Conversations. Solid employment figures, restored consumer confidence and expanding demographics have helped the sector improve for eight … Read More

All Aboard!

Giovanni Cordoves

How Light Rail is Luring Workers and Driving Commercial Real Estate For millennials, who make up over 30% of today’s workforce, the advantages of owning a car are dwindling. Today’s young talent wants to be in areas that offer live, work, play environments, where things are often within walking distance—or, at most, an easy ride … Read More

How The Office Impacts Employee
Recruitment and Retention

David Zamudio

More than one million jobs have been added since the election, bringing the unemployment rate to 4.3%–a 16-year low. These strong employment figures have expedited the shift in the “war for talent”, characterized by intense competition for top and highly-skilled professionals. In fact, according to a US News article, 40% of employers claim they are … Read More

Portland’s Iconic Commonwealth Building
Evolves Into A New Classic

An Interview with Clint Copulos

Downtown Portland’s bustling Technology Triangle — a growing village of creative and technology companies — has just polished up its most alluring gem. The Commonwealth Building (421 SW 6th Avenue, between Washington and Stark Streets) is a Class A commercial office property that features 14 stories  and over 224,000 square feet, all encased in a … Read More