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On-site Dining
Boosts Tenant Experience

David Jenkins

To attract the best tenants, office buildings must have a well-designed amenity package. In the past, operators allocated a mere 3% of space to amenities. Today, that number has increased to more than 10%–and should actually be even more. The reason? Because tenants want an experience. According to Fooda, on-site dining ranks 4th on the … Read More

Dallas/Fort Worth
May Be Upgrading To A Primary Market

Ken Robertson

Dallas/Fort-Worth (DFW) “is rapidly approaching the level where it is considered as a core primary market,” according to the ULI/PwC Emerging Trends in Real Estate. Generally considered a secondary market up until now, this puts DFW near the top of list for best markets for investment. The ULI/PwC report has placed Dallas in the top … Read More

Denver: A Tech Startup’s Best Friend

Clint Copulos

Denver is making a serious commitment to welcoming startups, entrepreneurs and tech companies to the Mile-High City. This is a good thing, because they’re arriving in droves. Denver has already emerged as an official tech hub; in fact, three Colorado cities — Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder — now have the largest number of registered … Read More

Mass Transit Drives
Rent Growth in Major US Metros

The national average rent in transit-accessible office buildings was 65% higher than the average market rent in early 2018, according to a report by Transwestern. And examination of 15 major metros shows average rent in Central Business Districts was $43.48-per-square-foot NNN for transit-accessible buildings versus $26.01-per-square-foot NNN for car-dependent buildings. Transwestern researchers also found transit-accessible … Read More

Palm Beach Is Getting Crowded
And That’s Good For Business

Allen Aldridge

Palm Beach is making room for more residents and businesses. The U.S. Census Bureau revealed that the county was home to 1.44 million people as of mid-2016; The University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research says that the population will reach 1.5 million sometime after 2020. Some forecasts are even more aggressive. The … Read More

The Bay Area/Silicon Valley
State of the Market 2018

Brent Carroll

San Francisco’s housing shortage, along with its high cost of living, is spurring a migration away from the city. Those who are choosing to stay are looking for roommates: as of March 2018, San Francisco rents averaged $3,558, according to data from Rent Jungle. Home prices reached a high of $1.6 million during the first … Read More

Austin Is Moving Beyond “Weird”

Gio Cordoves

“Keep Austin Weird” is the slogan used by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to help promote small businesses in Austin, Texas. The “weird” refers to the city’s young, creative, hip, performing-arts vibe. However, there seems to be nothing weird about Austin’s phenomenal commercial real estate growth. The city is one of the top markets for … Read More

Insights: Investing in Technology

Brett Merz

KBS’s 37.5 million-square-foot-property portfolio is characterized by buildings that are of exceptional quality, high-connectivity, and are technologically adept. I had the opportunity to discuss with Bisnow the importance of technology in the workplace. You can read the full article here. Tenants have many options, which is why Wired Certification is an essential component to our tenant relationships. … Read More

The Country’s #1 Market
for Corporate Relocation: Atlanta

Allen Aldridge

Atlanta offers a lot to relocate to: a city friendly to business, the most visited airport in the country, a burgeoning movie industry, and some of the nation’s top companies, including Coca Cola, General Electric, NCR, Mercedes-Benz, and Delta. In 2016 alone, more than 90,000 people moved to Atlanta; over half of the city’s population … Read More

Trendy vs. the Basics:
What Tenants Really Want in Amenities

Stephen Close

An office building’s amenity package can be a market game-changer—separating the ordinary from the extraordinary—the difference between robust occupancies and discounted rents to lure tenants. It’s a competitive factor that cannot be neglected. According to an HqO report, 72% of tenants are unsatisfied with their current amenities, which is a pretty significant disconnect between landlords … Read More