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Old-World Charm To An Up-To-Date City

by Brett Merz

Park Place Brings Old-World Charm To An Up-To-Date City   Overheard at Park Place: “This is a hand holding kind of place.” Yep, love is definitely in the air: a suburban mixed-use property that combines the European urban node model with the Middle-American modernity of Kansas City. KBS acquired Park Place for its KBS REIT … Read More

Capitalizing on Energy Efficiencies

by Kim Smith

I recently read an article in Commercial Property Executive on energy use, and the article stated that property owners can typically cut energy expenditures by 2 to 10% annually through improved management. It reminded me how critically important energy use is and how simple changes can have a profound, long-term impact for property owners. According … Read More

Historic Rehab

by Clint Copulos

Historic Rehab Most Sought-After In Real Estate Urban cities are first in pecking order for most real estate investors for good reason: DEMAND. First, much of America’s business activity is centered around these areas. Think locales like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and San Francisco with large concentrations of corporations fueling the economic engine. … Read More

Executive Outlook: Rodney Richerson

Recently Premier Office Magazine asked KBS Western Regional President, Rodney Richerson what he feels is the key to attracting and retaining tenants during the next three to five years? We thrive in acquiring Class B buildings that haven’t been renovated or amenitized.  With the right improvements, you can change the discussion with existing and prospective … Read More

Unique Amenities

by Kim Smith

Modest job growth continues to keep the commercial real estate market steady, and office owners are turning up the creativity dial on amenities to stay ahead of competition and attract tenants.  Therefore, it’s important to think like a prospective tenant and always remember that they are shown upwards of 10 properties over a one- to two-day … Read More


by Clint Copulos

If you asked 100 different people which diet has worked best for them, you might get 100 different responses. How is it that 100 people can be following different diets, but all be achieving the results they want? Is it genetics? Have they discovered what works best for their body, and we haven’t? There is … Read More


by Dean Del Sesto

IN THE WRITING TENSION BETWEEN BREVITY AND VERBOSITY, THE LESSER ALWAYS WINS.   WRITING FOR MARKETING: THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT. When was the last time you read a website end-to-end? How about a brochure from start to finish? A direct mail or email piece all the way through? I thought so. With … Read More

Executive Outlook: Ken Robertson

Recently Premier Office Magazine asked KBS Central Regional President, Ken Robertson what he feels is the key to attracting and retaining tenants during the next three to five years? Creating environments where companies can flourish — this is the biggest opportunity we have and the most meaningful thing we can do to retain and attract … Read More

Does your Brand
Attract Employees …or Repel them?

by Jen Prosek

What’s in a brand? Most people think a brand is consumer-focused, designed to sell a product or service. But in reality, a brand is much more. Your brand is something that attracts not only potential clients and customers, but also your employees. As a public relations business we are obsessed with our employer brand because … Read More

Executive Outlook: Kim Smith

Recently Premier Office Magazine asked KBS Senior Vice President, Kim Smith, what she feels is the key to attracting and retaining tenants during the next three to five years? As density continues to increase in today’s office environment, landlords need to be ahead of the curve.  Smarter buildings with expanded HVAC hours/capacity, app access and … Read More