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What Drives Austin?

Giovanni Cordoves

Austin is now growing four times faster than most of Silicon Valley, according to Inc. magazine. In fact, Inc. says that the Austin metro area, with a population of 2.1 million, is growing four times faster than San Jose and San Francisco (per capita). The demo leading the way: entrepreneurs. Currently, there are 6,500 startups … Read More

Find Your Business Inspiration
in The Most Innovative States

Shannon Hill

Research and Development (R&D) is one of the most vital departments of any innovative company that wants to make its mark. Millions of non-negotiable dollars are invested in R&D every year, in order to improve products, services, and performance. The National Science Foundation has created a pinpoint definition of R&D: “a planned, creative work aimed … Read More

The Secret to Recruiting Top Talent?
Next-Level Office Amenities

A recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that US employment is projected to grow by 8.4 million jobs from 2018 to 2028. At the same time, employers are battling an ultra-competitive job market, in which candidates are being wooed by increased pay and enhanced medical benefits. Today’s smartest employers are thinking more … Read More

The Top Three Markets for
Excellent Public Transportation

Brent Carroll

The measure of walkable/bikeable/transit-friendly markets continues to grow its influence over developers, home buyers and investors. By 2018,’s list of these cities continued to grow, with an additional 600 new U.S. cities and more than 4,000 new neighborhoods joining the database. Overall, Transit Score ratings are now available for more than 900 cities … Read More

People Are Leaving New York City
in Droves. Where Are They Going?

Marc DeLuca

Over the course of the last nine years, a total of one million people have moved out of New York City and its tri-state area (New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island). This is according to a recent report by Bloomberg, and if you do the math, that amounts to almost 300 people per day.  In … Read More

Cities with The Best Bike Scores? Head West

Clint Copulos

Like to bike to the office? The most bikeable markets for 2019 according to Walk Score: Minneapolis — Bike Score 81.9 A biker’s paradise, surrounded by many lakes and the banks of the Mississippi River. Its “Nice Ride” bike program offers more than 60 kiosks dedicated to bicycle sharing. The Chain of Lakes is connected by 34 miles … Read More

Can You Name the Ten Most
Walkable Cities in the United States?

Shannon Hill

How walkable is your city? Can you get to work without driving a car? has done the math on this and figured out the best way to get around by walking. Walk Score has become a go-to source for its methodology; it relies on an algorithm to determine what cities offer the best non-dependent … Read More

Building Certifications Add New Dimension
to Property Values

There are a lot of certifications or distinctions that building owners are ascribing to these days, such as LEED, Wired Certification, Walk Score and BOMA. As the demand for sustainable, high-tech and overall better quality buildings increase, these certifications are proving to be more than just a marketing strategy. Many industry execs believe they can … Read More

Perspectives on the Commercial Office Market
and Managing Risk for Investors

Chuck Schreiber

KBS CEO, Chuck Schreiber talks about demand drivers in the commercial office market and the importance of managing risk for investors.   QUESTION: What are some of the key trends that are affecting the leasing of urban-centered office space? SCHREIBER: We really saw in 2012 a change in the focus and the demand for quality … Read More