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Second in a Three-Part Series on Artificial Intelligence and CRE.
First in a Three-Part Series on Artificial Intelligence and CRE.
Before supply-chain issues surfaced due to the pandemic — we heard many premature economic doom predictions for retail. A retail industry recession, in particular, had been feared, but so far has not come to pass.
With massive investments, widespread adoption, and a growing list of technological feats, Artificial Intelligence (AI) demonstrates every appearance of a sure winner, perhaps the next big thing that will radically change society, much of the economy, and with them, commercial real estate (CRE).
Ascending generations of professionals value workplaces that not only offer flexibility, but also embody the principles of transparency and inclusion.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is both the future of commercial real estate (CRE) and a technology that’s already starting to gain users, impact, and money — lots of money. It’s all part of a vast technological transition, one where CRE artificial intelligence will impact markets of every size.

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