1,334 Tenants

KBS Region Map

Expressed as a raw number reflecting the total number of tenants with current leases at all real estate investments, excluding multifamily and hotel real estate investments, owned by KBS-advised investors or KBS-sponsored programs (collectively “KBS”). The real estate investments captured include equity investments in real property assets, real property assets through foreclosure, all consolidated joint venture investments and unconsolidated joint venture investments in which KBS owns a majority interest, but excludes unconsolidated joint venture investments in which KBS does not own a majority interest.

Excludes tenants of properties securing real estate-related debt investments owned by KBS. The total number of tenants includes tenants of the following properties for which third-party asset managers unaffiliated with a KBS advisor provide asset management services, business and operation plans and other services: 1 bank branch, office buildings, operations centers and other properties; and an unconsolidated joint venture investment in which KBS owns a majority interest.


As of December 31, 2023. Diversification cannot guarantee positive performance, profits, or against a loss in any market or industry.