Can You Name the Ten Most
Walkable Cities in the United States?

Shannon Hill

How walkable is your city? Can you get to work without driving a car? has done the math on this and figured out the best way to get around by walking. Walk Score has become a go-to source for its methodology; it relies on an algorithm to determine what cities offer the best non-dependent car lifestyle. Points are awarded based on how far each amenity is from the location. If an amenity is more than a mile away, no points are given.

Walk Score analyzes over 10 million locations and calculates more than 2 billion walking routes for 2,500 cities in the United States. Its algorithm considers walking routes, nearby restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores, (and the distance to them). The score also takes into consideration population, neighborhood boundaries, and “pedestrian friendliness.”

The ultimate score for cities and neighborhoods is ranked on a scale of 0 to 100. If your location ranks between 90-100, then you’re living in a “Walker’s Paradise.” Wouldn’t it be lovely?

The score is categorized like this:

90 – 100         Walker’s Paradise                Daily errands do not require a car.

70 – 89           Very Walkable                       Most errands can be accomplished on foot.

50 – 69           Somewhat Walkable            Some errands can be accomplished on foot.

25 – 49           Car-Dependent                      Most errands require a car.

0 – 24             Car-Dependent                      Almost all errands require a car.


Here’s the top ten walking markets and how the score breaks down, countdown style!

10. Oakland, CA               68.2

9. Minneapolis, MN          69.3

8. Miami, FL                      72.5

7. Washington, D.C.           73

6. Seattle, WA                   73.7

5. Philadelphia, PA            74.1

4. Chicago, IL                    74.3

3. Boston, MA                   79.2

2. San Francisco               84.9

1. New York City                85


Why A Walk Score Matters

Of course, in both commercial and residential real estate, location is everything. Walkability is attractive to homebuyers, office workers, corporations, and developers. It contributes to the area’s quality of life perception. Spending less money on cars and even public transit can be a very persuasive benefit when marketing a property.

Read all about the rankings here.

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Shannon Hill is a senior vice president and asset manager for KBS overseeing more than 1.6 million square feet of U.S. office space.