Insights: Investing in Technology

Brett Merz

KBS’s 37.5 million-square-foot-property portfolio is characterized by buildings that are of exceptional quality, high-connectivity, and are technologically adept. I had the opportunity to discuss with Bisnow the importance of technology in the workplace. You can read the full article here.

Tenants have many options, which is why Wired Certification is an essential component to our tenant relationships. The more we can contribute to their success, the more it creates a unique partnership that extends beyond a typical tenant-landlord relationship. Offering modern, tech-savvy workplaces demonstrate that we are committed to helping their business thrive. When they succeed, we succeed.

Why technology? Reliable connectivity helps employee communication and often works to a company’s advantage when it comes to new employee recruitment and retention. On the operations side, a well-connected office provides flexibility, efficiency and cost reduction at the corporate and employee levels. Creating efficiency is a top concern and KBS continuously seeks new ways to streamline operations. For example, we have gone from improvements in after-hours HVAC to interactive smartphone apps and distributed antenna systems.  KBS is also employing new technology that helps create a better sense community among the tenants within the building and merges the building with individual technology to improve security and access. Additionally, we have property websites where tenants can sign up for special on-site events that we sponsor.

KBS has achieved Wired Certification distinction across properties in Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Chicago—just to name a few. Technology resonates across all industries and can be implemented at any building. Whether it is a finance, insurance or real estate company, all are inquiring about the technological capabilities of their buildings. It’s a required piece of a tenant’s overall business plan, and therefore part of their real estate decision criteria. And for KBS, it’s a part of our tenant-relationship strategy that has proven to be very successful.

This article contains excerpts from an original article by Bisnow.


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Brett Merz is a senior vice president and asset manager for KBS, overseeing 3.0 million square feet of office space in the central region of the United States.