Turtle Creek Scores Big with Tenants

Each year, KBS engages Kingsley Associates to perform an independent survey benchmarking tenant satisfaction in our buildings.  We think of it as a reality check, telling us how we’re doing as a landlord, and how our property management professionals are meeting the needs of our customers.

Property managers are ranked in multiple categories, the sum of which is a score for overall tenant satisfaction.  To achieve the highest marks is no small task so this year we’ve decided to recognize the highest performing team and talk with them about what they do to set themselves apart from the rest, and what they think creates a successful building environment.

Winning Property
3811 Turtle Creek in Dallas, TX

Property Management Company

Team Leader
Lisa Johnston, Senior Vice President

Team Members
Staci Fletcher, Asst. Property Manager
Fred Smith, Building Engineer
Joe Firth, Building Engineer
Mike Dunlap, Senior Chief Engineer
Lupe Barron, Day Maid
Luis Arias, Day Porter
Chris McGill, Lobby Ambassador Supervisor
JT Skinner, Lobby Ambassador

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Tenants were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with management, including engineering, and your team achieved near perfect scores in every category (accessibility, accommodation of special requests, communication and professionalism/courtesy).  What’s your recipe for success?

Joe:  Our tenants are here all day, and we love doing things to make their lives better.  In a building, that can mean everything from holding the elevator for someone in a rush to improving the lighting in their office.

Chris: We win when we bring a smile to someone’s day.

Staci:  Sometimes it is knowing what the customer needs before they know they need it.  Our customers have their clients in and out of their offices daily.  We try to make it a priority to know when meetings/events are happening so we can eliminate any potential issues beforehand… whether it be special parking arrangements for a large crowd, conference room temperature adjustments, set up of tables for luncheons, etc.  Every time we make our customer shine, we shine.

How do you set yourselves apart?

Lisa:  Everyone on our team relates to people well and truly enjoys interacting with tenants.  We think it makes a difference in how we deliver service.  We are very visible to the Tenants in the common areas of the building – we get out of our office and talk to tenants. It allows us to get to know everyone and find out what’s important to them.

Staci:  By being proactive and with personal follow up.  If a tenant has an issue, we try not to follow up with them via email or a phone call.  Tenants enjoy the face time and seeing our presence around the property.  This lets them know we take their issue seriously and want to make sure it is handled timely and to their satisfaction.  We remain proactive by visiting with our customers on a regular basis, often times resolving issues they didn’t realize even existed yet.

Fred:  When we come together as a team, we have a mutual respect for one another. Plus, we really enjoy spending time together. We have no problem helping each other out with any problem.   I think that comes through when our tenants see us interacting together and has a positive effect.

Joe:  We hand out a business card with our cell number on it when handling a work order call so they know how to reach us in a pinch.  It’s a personal touch and allows us to follow up quickly.

Lupe:  I always try to do my best.  I communicate to the managers and engineers the little things I pick up on when speaking with tenants.  I share that important information so we can make changes where needed.

Chris:  The Transwestern experience is one where every person you come in contact with that day deserves the same level of customer service.   Everyone we encounter is just as important as the next person.

Luis: I try to do my best to help eliminate a struggle for our customers.  Sometimes that involves carrying heavy boxes or equipment to and from their office or by offering an extra hand carrying in their bags from their lunch break grocery run.

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Along that lines, what creates a successful building environment?

Staci:  Create a sense of community and offer amenities that matter to the customers who lease space at the property.

Lisa:  Create and offer amenities that have a WOW factor to differentiate our property from our competitors.

Mike:  One of the tenants stopped me the other day and said that “the building has taken on the personality of the management team.” I really thought that was a neat compliment.  Both are professional, accommodating their needs and an overall fun place to be.

What do you consider a WOW factor to be?

Staci:  Hand out popsicles on a hot Texas day!  Have Mr. & Mrs. Claus present at your holiday party ready for office or family pictures!  Pass out themed donuts and coffee Halloween morning followed by a costume or pumpkin carving contest.  Who can resist warm churros and sopapillas on Cinco de Mayo?  We listen to our tenants, solicit their ideas and try to come up with ways to make their hectic work day a little more fun.  Why not pass out eclipse glasses to watch the total solar eclipse (laughter) and space themed afternoon treats? It sounds a little “out there” but they love it.

Lisa:  We have great amenities.  KBS has put a lot of capital into the building so we can provide fantastic amenity areas including a fitness center manned by a professional trainer, conference center, a wine bar, game room with shuffleboard and pool tables and a patio, complete with a fire pit and outdoor games.

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Mike:  We just added in a Bike Share system at the property which has gotten a lot of positive attention.  It’s a simple process to reserve as bike, hop on the Katy Trail for a little exercise during the workday or run some quick errands.

The building also achieved high marks related to tenant’s satisfaction with the building’s commitment to being “green”.  Tell us what you do there that makes a difference.  

Lisa: We achieved LEED Gold certified this year and our Tenants are a huge part of this process.

Mike:  We implemented LED lighting in the building and the parking garages with a daylight harvesting controls and a low flow water consumption program.

Staci:  We surveyed tenants and found that recycling would be a huge benefit to them and it fit with the goals of our LEED certification; we offer an aggressive recycling program which includes paper, metal, plastics, shredding and e-recycling at no cost to Tenants.  It’s super convenient and tenants are encouraged to contribute recyclables from home.


3811 Turtle Creek Accolades: KBS Higher Purpose Building, Wired Score Gold certified, Energy Star Certified, LEED Gold