Executive Outlook: Rodney Richerson

Recently Premier Office Magazine asked KBS Western Regional President, Rodney Richerson what he feels is the key to attracting and retaining tenants during the next three to five years?

We thrive in acquiring Class B buildings that haven’t been renovated or amenitized.  With the right improvements, you can change the discussion with existing and prospective tenants from rental rates to how easy it will be to attract and retain their top employee talent in our buildings.  The cost of a properly amenitized building will be cheaper for a tenant in the long run.  The tenant will not need to include a large conference facility, will not need large kitchen/dining areas and will not need employee lounges incorporated into their space if they are already provided by the landlord.  We have seen tenants take 10-15 percent less space in our buildings when they do not need to incorporate large community space into their space plans.  Helping our tenants’ businesses succeed via a well-thought-out work environment often leads to strong retention and has been a hallmark of our continued success as a landlord.


Executive Outlook: Rodney Richerson Rodney Richerson web 01b 300x181
Rodney Richerson is the Western Regional President for KBS, overseeing over 4.6 million square feet.