by Clint Copulos

If you asked 100 different people which diet has worked best for them, you might get 100 different responses. How is it that 100 people can be following different diets, but all be achieving the results they want? Is it genetics? Have they discovered what works best for their body, and we haven’t? There is low carb. There is low fat. There is vegetarian. There is Mediterranean. It can all be so confusing and overwhelming. Where should we start?

First, you need to know the golden rule, because the golden rule will give us a better understanding of how all of these diets can be successful. The golden rule is calories in versus calories out. At the end of the day, if you want to lose weight, you need to create a caloric deficit. It is really that simple.

You can create a caloric deficit either by cutting calories from your diet or by burning more calories than you consume in a day (exercise). One pound of body fat stores 3,500 calories, so cutting 500 calories from your daily diet results in about 1 pound of weight loss in a seven-day period. Eliminating 500 calories from your diet each day may seem overwhelming, but small changes can quickly add up. Swap full-fat milk, cheese and salad dressing with low-fat varieties to shave a few calories from each meal. Cut down on portion sizes and read the nutrition facts label on the foods you eat to determine the proper portion size for that particular food. Sometimes even small packages of snack foods contain two portions, so eating the entire bag doubles the fat and calories.

The best diet is any diet you can stick to. Successful dieting isn’t about cutting everything out, but switching to other forms of eating. It’s not only what you eat, but it’s also the quantity.


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Clint Copulos is a vice president and asset manager for KBS and a spokesperson for the KBS Health and Wellness Program. Clint is responsible for the asset management of numerous KBS investments located in Portland, Oregon, and Sacramento, California, in addition to acquisition and disposition activities. Mr. Copulos oversees a portfolio size of approximately 1 million square feet of office space.