Executive Outlook: Ken Robertson

Recently Premier Office Magazine asked KBS Central Regional President, Ken Robertson what he feels is the key to attracting and retaining tenants during the next three to five years?

Creating environments where companies can flourish — this is the biggest opportunity we have and the most meaningful thing we can do to retain and attract tenants.  For example, at 3811 Turtle Creek in Dallas, we recently bought an underperforming Class A office building in a fantastic neighborhood.  We took the time to figure out the things that had impeded leasing to date, such as where clear value wasn’t being presented, and then fixed those things — whether they were design, marketing, amenities, common areas, etc.  There are often things you can’t fix, too, like the location, so it’s important that we get this analysis correct right up front by investing only in great neighborhoods or even better, great places where rapid redevelopment is taking place, which, incidentally, is a big added bonus we have at 3811 Turtle Creek.


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Ken Robertson is the Central Regional President for KBS, overseeing over 12 million square feet.