Executive Outlook: Brian Ragsdale

Recently Premier Office Magazine asked KBS Executive Vice President, Brian Ragsdale what he feels is the key to attracting and retaining tenants during the next three to five years?

By design, many assets acquired for our opportunistic funds have been those that have had problematic and/or undercapitalized previous owners. Our strategy with opportunistic properties has been to reach out to the existing tenant base immediately after acquisition and let them know they have a new owner that cares about their experience in the building — their likes, dislikes, and how we will become partners with them in their success. Once that information is shared, we let them know what we are planning, and then we follow through in very short order as to how we will deliver on these action items.  This approach has proven to effectively turn the tide not only with the existing tenants, but also with regard to the asset’s perceived market value with those looking to relocate to a property where the owner is now doing everything right and on time.


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Brian Ragsdale is Executive Vice President and head of credit for KBS Capital Advisors. Mr. Ragsdale is responsible for all origination and underwriting of loans, both by KBS and those purchased from third parties.