Journey Under the Sea

by Trinh Bui-Bennett

My husband and I went on our first dive off the west coast of Southern California about a year ago. I wish I could tell you it was an aquatic paradise, teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes. Instead I will let this quote speak for the experience.

“The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at the deli” – George Costanza

Truer words have never been spoken by a short, balding man from the early 90’s. There are 3 things I have promised myself I will never do again:

  1. Shovel snow in March.
  2. Dream that the Twins will ever win another World Series.
  3. Dive in the Pacific Ocean when the water temperature is below 45 degrees!


Journey Under the Sea Trinh 300x300

When I made my descent into the ocean it was not what I expected!!  When the captain described the dive site as a “Kelp Forest” I expected kelp, but not THAT MUCH kelp with little else. It was disappointing after yearning to go diving in the Pacific Ocean but I mentally told myself to keep going and not quit. Although I never found bright fish and the water was very cold, I came to appreciate the simple beauty found off the coast of Southern California. As they say, it is all about the journey and not the destination.

The real stars of my first dive in California were the awesome dolphins that surfed alongside our boat for half the trip out to the reef and the delicious brunch we ate at Turks when we returned to shore.


Journey Under the Sea Trinh Bui Bennett a 300x200
Trinh Bui-Bennett is a senior internal auditor for KBS.