Service Champion Awards

Customer service is the hallmark of KBS’ management philosophy. Each year, KBS selects building personnel who exemplify the following standards of excellence:

  • Goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve the needs of our building occupants
  • Maintains the highest possible standard of professionalism in carrying out his or her duties
  • Exhibits consideration and respect toward fellow employees and initiates and promotes cooperation
  • Exhibits a positive attitude toward all business endeavors and associates


Helen Tran Property Administrator    Parkway and Parkwood Office Centers, Dallas, Texas

  • Helen is like a ray of sunshine to everyone she interacts with. Her personality is the definition of excellent customer service. She is such a genuinely happy person that her voice “smiles” over the telephone. Her laughter is contagious, and she makes her properties a brighter, happier place for everyone to work.
  • Helen has done an excellent job caring for her 75 KBS tenants. Her accounting and organizational skills are also excellent. She never misses a deadline and gladly offers to assist with projects and take on additional responsibilities.

Service Champion Awards POC Customer Service 300x224


Howard Begay Security Officer        Gateway Tech Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Howard is always early for his shifts and has never called in sick since 2012.
  • Tenants rely on Howard and have consistently given nothing but positive feedback about his dedication to his job and the building. His appearance and interaction with everyone are always impeccable, professional and respectful.
  • The Gateway Tech Center building (also known as the Salt Lake City Hardware Building) is a historical landmark and is also utilized for events. Howard always takes the initiative to inform tenants and the janitorial crew of dates and times for events.

Service Champion Awards GatewayTech HowardBegay 258x300


 Jeff Carter Building Engineer         Greenway I & III, Richardson, Texas

  • Jeff goes above and beyond the call of duty in his engineering oversight of multiple properties. His positive attitude, impeccable attendance record and ability to provide efficient and effective direction to security and housekeeping personnel, contractors and vendors are just a few of his admirable leadership qualities.
  • He routinely demonstrates a desire to ensure the properties’ goals and objectives are achieved by providing the highest level of customer service to tenants on a consistent basis. His courtesy and professionalism do not go unnoticed, and tenants often provide favorable feedback regarding his performance.

Service Champion Awards Jeff Carter 10.22.14 300x300


Justin Zimblis Senior Property Engineer     Peakview Tower, Centennial, CO

  • Justin has been with Peakview Tower for over eight years. His extensive knowledge of the building and long-term relationships with the tenants have proved invaluable.
  • Justin was instrumental in Peakview Tower receiving LEED Silver certification in 2012, and he ensures the building receives the Energy Star label on an annual basis. He received his LEED Green Associate accreditation in 2014. This shows his commitment to ensuring efficient and environmentally conscientious operations at Peakview Tower.

Service Champion Awards Justin Zimblis 300x225


ANTONIO VILLAZANA Building Engineer         Granite Tower, Denver, CO

  • Tony is 110 percent about customer service, always has a smile on his face and works on a very proactive basis to ensure tenants are happy and all work orders are completed on time.
  • Tony is the type of person who takes initiative and is eager to learn new things.
  • Tenants constantly give comments regarding Tony going above and beyond and that he is always so professional and courteous.

Service Champion Awards Antonio Villazana 230x300


Becky Craig Assistant Property Manager     210 University, Denver, CO

  • Becky has built tremendous relationships with her tenants and offers the highest standard of customer service to our tenants and vendors each and every day.
  • With a can-do, positive attitude, she is respected and appreciated by the tenants at 210 University. Becky shows complete dedication and care for our tenants, and it makes a difference.
  • Becky recently received the RPA designation through BOMA in May of 2015.

 Service Champion Awards Becky Craig 240x300


Gregory Jenkins Director of Security         500 West Madison, Chicago, IL

  • Greg exudes the philosophy of the KBS Experience. He is one of the first at the property each morning ensuring that his team is in place and the building is looking great.
  • He is always fluid, on the move, flexible and creative in solving/resolving each situation, and he mentors his team to do the same.
  • 500 West Madison requires a high level of security because it houses one of the city’s commuter rail stations. Tenants praise his approach as he prefers to go to their spaces to address concerns, questions and provide security advice.

Service Champion Awards crop Greg Jenkins 241x300


Randy Adrian Chief Engineer           Granite Tower, Denver, CO

  • Randy has been with Granite Tower for over 20 years and is a true asset to the building ownership, management team and tenants. Randy supervises a very capable and qualified team of engineers, and they have received high tenant survey marks for many things including professionalism, courtesy and response time.
  • Randy was asked by the chief fire inspector in Denver to join a committee for BOMA to discuss the effects of the new fire inspections on elevators. For the past eight years, he has also maintained Granite Tower’s Energy Star label and helped the property earn the LEED Gold certification.
  • He is extremely cognizant of building operational costs and works diligently to provide the best customer service while keeping a close watch on the bottom line.

Service Champion Awards Randy Adrian Granite Tower Chief Engineer Photo 1 300x224