Good to Great

by PMRG Property Management and Leasing Team

From a property management perspective, being great begins and ends with exceptional customer service. There is a direct correlation between overall tenant satisfaction and satisfaction with property management teams.   A good property management team quickly and effectively responds to a building’s operational issues and the needs of its tenants. The key to creating a tenant experience that exceeds expectations is staying visible, consistently following up and building strong relationships with each tenant to better understand their needs in order to proactively address issues before they surface. By anticipating a tenant’s needs, you demonstrate an understanding of their values and a commitment to providing a superior work environment.  A satisfied customer will WANT to renew their lease.

From a leasing and marketing perspective, anything that creates warmth and energy goes a long way to change the perception of a building. This ranges from improving curb appeal with updated landscaping to adding directional signage or locally sourced artwork at entry points.  While making these changes to a building seem very logical and simple, leasing and management teams typically will not suggest or make these impactful changes. A lot of times the most subtle change has the biggest impact. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that you are not the best expert when it comes to creativity, so there is a tremendous advantage to partner with the most creative marketing professionals on each assignment.

At its core, going from good to great requires striving for fabulous, standout, outrageously great customer service that will set us apart from the crowd.  At its core, elevating performance from good to great requires what is a minimal investment of time and money compared to the increased value and return an owner achieves with satisfied customers.


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Bill Weghorst, Scott Rees and Zach Wooten are responsible for leasing Northridge Center I & II and 6190 Powers Ferry Landing on behalf of KBS.  In addition to these notable assets Bill, Scott and Zach have leased many of Atlanta’s prominent assets including, Platinum Tower, 1600 Parkwood, 66 Perimeter Center East, 3379 Peachtree, One Glenlake, Piedmont Center 14, Resurgens Plaza and Tower Place 200.