Engaging Employees Through Innovative Workspaces

by Courtney McKeage
Corporate Interiors

Employee engagement is a serious bottom line issue. Research done by Steelcase in its 360° Global Report shows that effective workplace environments can amplify the performance of people, teams and organizations.

People at work need to focus, collaborate, rejuvenate, socialize and learn throughout their day. A workplace “ecosystem” of spaces helps supports employee engagement as well as support wellbeing by providing individuals and groups with a range of options within the workplace that takes into consideration posture, presence and privacy.  There should be a variety of interconnected zones and settings that are destinations where people have choices and control over where and how they work. When an office footprint has a balance between open and private areas, it provides the employee with a range of different spaces to support the diverse kinds of work performed in the course of the day. Open work areas encourage collaboration and create a sense of unity within organizations while private areas create effective team spaces and spaces for concentration. When organizations understand this connection between workplace environment and wellbeing, they will get the most out of their real estate and employee investment.

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The Corporate Interiors Nexus Innovation Studio opens in the Summer of 2016. Our new space will be a physical representation of the findings of the Steelcase 360° Global Report and will show clients how their space can be extension of their brand and culture. The studio will be located at CrossPoint Corporate Center, at 550 Swedesford Road, Wayne, PA.

In addition to incorporating the Steelcase portfolio of products, the showroom will also feature a wide array of Corporate Interiors own solutions:

  • AVolution Audio Visual Integration
  • Custom millwork, wall cladding, solid surfaces from Renewed Environments
  • Carpet, ceramic, stone tile, and low profile raised flooring from CI’s Flooring division


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Courtney McKeage is Marketing Assistant and Social Media Coordinator for Corporate Interiors one of KBS’ newest tenants at CrossPoint Corporate Center in Wayne, PA.