Being Unique…

by Kim Smith


Being unique isn’t odd, it’s being different in a way that others strive to follow, and people want to be a part of. Ever notice how something new and exciting gets copied over and over again?

Every time I walk into a KBS building across the country, I’m repeatedly struck by unique aspects, state of the art conference centers, tenant lounges, wine bars, coffee bars, bike lockers/storage, transit drop-off/pick- up, fitness centers, putting greens  and outdoor sport courts just to name a few. Since the buildings we own typically didn’t start out with all these perks, you might wonder how we know what’s important to our customer. What amenities enhance their experience and help their businesses thrive?

From our perspective it’s pretty simple; we ask, listen, respond, and then start all over again. In fact, we’re in the middle of our annual tenant survey process as I write this, and I was struck by a comment a tenant in Florida shared. Here’s an excerpt:

“Everything we’ve needed has been provided and our experience has been so great here that when it comes to finding more space for growth, overwhelmingly the staff want to stay in this building”

A big THANK YOU to the tenant in Florida, your comments are invaluable, and confirm that being unique produces great results for our tenants and our investors.

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Kim Smith is a Senior Vice President and Director of Property Management for KBS.