Excellence Defined

by Robert M. Durand



by Robert M. Durand

Relationships mean everything, particularly when it comes to achieving the best available financing for the KBS portfolio. KBS hosted its inaugural Lender Forum this past March with over 70 guests in attendance representing 26 different lending institutions. The theme, “KBS — Excellence Defined,” appropriately tied together KBS’ strong track record, integrity and expertise, disciplined investment strategy, sound underwriting and risk management processes, and best-in-class professionals. Guests were invited to take an inside look at the KBS organization and given the opportunity to strengthen relationships with KBS principals and senior management. The KBS Lender Forum was universally well-received as evidenced by the numerous unsolicited lender comments following the event.

“There is no question that the caliber and professionalism of your team, as well as your investment and management philosophy, really do serve to distinguish KBS from so many others in the marketplace.”

“I really feel after hearing the KBS story that everyone on your team is asking the question, ‘Would I put my own money in this deal?’ and if yes, then the deal is pursued, and not the dangerous OPM theory — Other People[’s] Money.”

“What you all have accomplished is very impressive, and we look forward to doing more business with you.”

“It was a terrific event and a wonderful reminder that some clients out there actually value the lender relationship.”

KBS greatly values its lending relationships and considers lenders partners in our investors’ success. All good relationships are a “two-way street,” and KBS diligently satisfies loan covenants and reporting requirements and treats its lenders with the utmost respect. This mutual respect results in repeat transactions allowing for fast and reliable closings with significantly lower closing costs. As of year-end 2015, KBS’ total outstanding loan balances exceeded $4.1 billion with 18 different lenders. That’s an average of $230 million per lender — these are substantial relationships!

Deep lending relationships allow KBS to perform quickly and reliably in today’s hyper-competitive property acquisition environment, thereby providing KBS investors the best assets with the strongest investment returns. These extensive lending relationships help KBS succeed where others fail.

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Mr. Durand has been with KBS since 2008 and currently oversees all financing activity for the KBS Portfolio as Senior Vice President, Finance & Acquisitions. He also acquires assets for the KBS Strategic Opportunity REITs. Prior to joining KBS, Mr. Durand was a lender for over 11 years with MassMutual and JPMorgan.